Great Caesar

Neck of the Woods Presents:

Great Caesar

Kiss My Frequency, Sol Alon (feat. Gi Markito and Bad Monkey)

Friday, August 5, 2016

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 9:30 pm

$7.00 - $10.00

Off Sale

This event is 21 and over

Great Caesar
In the dead of winter, the grand summer homes of the Hamptons sit vacant and silent, their yards piling high with snow behind the perfectly manicured hedges that line the quiet streets… or so you might expect. But, if you paid a visit to Southampton, NY last winter, you may have noticed that one house in particular was neither vacant nor silent, but rather spilling over with raucous music and joyful listeners. A knock on the door would have welcomed you into the winter retreat of Great Caesar, the six-piece, Brooklyn-based band bringing together chamber rock and indie soul in a singularly anthemic and captivating blend. Don't fret if you missed those wild winter nights, though. They were just the warm-up. Now, with a new EP (titled 'Jackon's Big Sky' after that Southampton house) and extensive US tour dates on the way, Great Caesar is ready to bring their one-of- a-kind sound directly to you.
Kiss My Frequency
Kiss My Frequency was formed in San Francisco who projects alternative rock sounds with an international flavor. Burnzio who is a recording artist and a songwriter has over 20 years of guitar and multi instrument experience has focused on finding a fresh style. He creates psychedelic rock, metal, blues with a native american soul. In 2015 Burnzio unites with an international singer-songstress Aselle Bekkah who comes from a nomadic culture of Kyrgyzstan. She moved to California at 19 years of age to pursue her art form in cultured style of singing. KMF features rhythm section players the bay area bass player Philly Peterson, and an magnanimously talented drummer who played his first professional gig at the age of seventeen, Trent Tanzi.
Sol Alon (feat. Gi Markito and Bad Monkey)
Sol Alon featuring Gi Markito and Bad Monkey. Eclectic fusion blues funk fusion. Three friends performing great music.
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Neck of the Woods
406 Clement Street
San Francisco, CA, 94118