mini and the Bear

Neck of the Woods Presents:

mini and the Bear

Joan and the Rivers, The Brankas, Mercy High

Friday, November 18, 2016

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 9:30 pm

$7.00 - $10.00

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This event is 21 and over

mini and the Bear
With heavily distorted punk rock anthems and fuzzy aphorisms pulsing equally through a humorously philosophical netherworld, a collection of vaguely historical misfits search for any and all release—from machine-like normalcy, from the grating contradictions of existence, or even just from autonomous facial hair. In PWR VOL, a multi-dimensional post-modern tale written by Nick Scandy, illustrated by Aaron Zonka, and set to music via the accompanying score by mini and the Bear, the frenetic rhythms, absurdist delusions, and cacophonous irrealities of modern life find themselves pumped through full stacks of amplifiers, powerfully blasted at the maximum volume they deserve. mini and the Bear is, and will always be, North America's only power volume duo. Their latest release, PWR VOL, was released in November, 2016.
Joan and the Rivers
On stage, Joan and The Rivers is an unstoppable, stumbling force. Smith and Hickel are hypnotizing frontmen. They give themselves wholly to the songs and the audience, and their performance is much like their songwriting: devoid of pretension or gimmicks.“It’s all about having a good time and partying,” drummer Caleb Dunkel said. “If we weren’t having fun we wouldn’t be doing this at all.” Both live and in the studio, the band’s songs seem to be on the very edge of their own control. It’s the kind of pure, unwound rock and roll that seems to fall apart and pull itself back together by the end of each song.
The Brankas
The Brankas are a duo. The duo consists of Taylor McElroy & Theo Slavin.
We have played a show in a repurposed steel factory and someone smashed an upright piano with a sledgehammer. We also played a show in our friend Jack’s apartment and the drum set fell over and there was a piñata and Theo had to scream over everything because there was no microphone. On multiple occasions, people have tried to talk to Taylor while he is playing drums. It’s very friendly but also hard to respond to. Another time, we played in a tiny art gallery for 15 minutes, packed up everything in 5 minutes and were just hanging out when the cops showed up; nothing to see here. We’ve also played places that have real sound systems and stages, which is alright too. Playing “rock and roll” music is ultimately a good excuse to meet other people, go outside and maybe even make a friend. Anything else is just marketing talk.
Our new album "My Parkour Body Is The Paint And The World Is My Canvas. I Don't See Obstacles, I See Opportunities." was released on May 12th, 2017 and is available on the internet or in our merch tub at a show.
Mercy High
Formed in 2015, Mercy High is made up of 4 South Bay music veterans who were brought together through their love of Shoegaze, 90s Rock, and Classic Metal. Influences include but are not limited to: Black Sabbath, My Bloody Valentine, Starflyer 59, Hum, Failure, QOTSA, etc. Mercy High bring groove and soul to heavy music with their timeless hooks, memorable melodies, and massive riffs. Make way for the Afrogaze!
Venue Information:
Neck of the Woods
406 Clement Street
San Francisco, CA, 94118