Richie Branson

Neck of the Woods Presents:

Richie Branson

LEX The Lexicon Artist, Shubzilla x Bill Beats, C0splay x Bill Beats, Chow Mane

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$10.00 - $15.00

Off Sale

This event is 21 and over

Richie Branson
Richie Branson is a hip-hop artist known for his gaming and anime influenced songs. He gained notoriety in 2012 after penning multiple songs for Adult Swim and touring with mc chris. After gaining a loyal following as a hip-hop performer, he achieved billboard-charting success with the release of his “From Guardia With Love” album.
LEX The Lexicon Artist
LEX the Lexicon Artist writes and performs intellectual comedy rap, aka "smart rap". LEX uses flashy vocabulary, multisyllabic rhymes, entertaining anecdotes, and comedic flair to deliver the unique perspective of a third-culture millennial transplant living in the Bay Area. She aims to shock and entertain audiences and Make America Smart Again™.
Shubzilla x Bill Beats
Shubzilla and Bill Beats began working together in 2011. Starting off with the single "Wonderful World" for "Bill Beats For President Vol.1," the EPs "Dinner And A Movie" and "BOOMERS" have been the exceptional products of their collaboration. They have The Day Jobs Mini-Tour: West Coast Edition under their belts, along with performances at Norwescon, the PAXWest Nerdcore Showcase, and many others. With Shubzilla's frank and aggressive lyrics and Bill Beats' penchant for samples and bass-heavy compositions, they do not disappoint.
C0splay x Bill Beats
Death*Star's C0splay and Bill Beats take the stage. This competitive online nerdcore duo have played at all manner of geeky watering hole from Rose City ComicCon and Kracklefest to Backspace and the Kit Kat club. With songs about body image, sandwiches, video games, sexual misadventures, and dreaming about super powers these hip hop heads of Seattle speak nerd truth on stage. Bill Beats is a nationally known producer and DJ who runs the geek turntables of the northwest and C0splay has been performing for over a decade. Coordinating shows, booking venues, working with performers, sponsors, and organizations to create great nerd events.
Chow Mane
Chow Mane has described himself as "hip-hop's Jackie Chan." Presumably, this means that he does his own stunts, quickly masters new styles, and makes you laugh. His versatility in producing and rapping is highly influenced by Lil B, Ronald Takaki, and soup dumplings. Now based in Oakland, California, Chow is constantly experimenting with new sounds as he prepares for his upcoming EP, "Moon Cake."
Venue Information:
Neck of the Woods
406 Clement Street
San Francisco, CA, 94118