Blown-Out, Blowout, Benefit Show: Barely Legal Edition

Blown-Out, Blowout, Benefit Show: Barely Legal Edition

Saturday, April 20, 2019

8:00 pm


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This event is 21 and over

Blown-Out, Blowout, Benefit Show: Barely Legal Edition
Okay. Let's burn it down...but for a good cause.

California's recreational use marijuana law went into effect in 2018. At this point, any partakers are "barely legal". Good times! But what about all those pot-case convictions prior to the new law kicking in? Bummer? Not so fast.

You may have read the recent news of a nonprofit that helps gov't use tech to better serve people, working with San Francisco's D.A. to clear more than 8,000 marijuana convictions. Expunging old, low-level convictions can help tens of millions of Americans so they can get jobs, housing and education. (read for yourself:

Marijuana is just the tip of the iceberg in this kind of tech-related criminal justice reform. Algorithms helping break down these barriers? It's happening and with the eventual goal of clearing all eligible criminal records in mind, it takes money. (

That's why we're throwing this benefit on 4/20!!!

PARTY: Sat. 4/20

"CCR Headcleaner is for serious riff lovers. It's a dark time; it feels like riffs aren't worshiped like they were, even though bands like Sabbath and Metallica are still around. Thankfully we have CCR Headcleaner, who are still preaching the gospel and still taking us to church." (ripped from a review of 'Tear Down the Wall')

MILK FOR THE ANGRY (Oakland/Psych)
"There’s a certain cosmic energy that strings together the scenes of the newest music video for the track “Upside 85” (streaming below) by Oakland trio Milk For The Angry; the randomness is reworked into a psychedelic reality quite easily, through flashing images of thrashing, glitter-soaked bodies, a live performance, and lone motorcyclist on the freeway. The grunge-soaked garage rock is heavy with psychedelic influences, riffing off of the surf-sensibilities of the scene." --The Deli

CYBORG EYE (Ratskin Records)

HAURAS (ex-Snickers) w/ film by MYLEEN HOLLERO
"The sonic equivalent of expired film in my Holga." - Richard Youngs

HONEY BUCKET BOYS (members of Glitter Wizard)
Country-folk duo

DJ MASHI MASHI (Galaxy Radio)

406 CLEMENT ST. SF, Richmond District
DOORS at 8pm
Tix: $10 All proceeds will go towards this criminal justice cause ^^

"Buddha Stalin's chronic"--Jerri Blank
Venue Information:
Neck Of The Woods - SF
406 Clement Street
San Francisco, CA, 94118