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bE!, Kri$$y Blanko, MerkSVillain, KalyJay, Red Corvette

Friday, November 7, 2014

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 10:00 pm

$7.00 - $10.00

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This event is 21 and over

OMAYGA is an acronym for One Man Against Your Greatest Army. He is an MC/Producer/Musician from Richmond, California. OMAYGA has been featured on numerous mixtapes and has worked with DJs and producers from across the country. His record label P360 Entertaiment provides a range of top notch talent in R&B and Hip Hop.
To bE! or not to bE! is the ultimate question. With a moniker that is as visually stimulating as his lyrical presentation, bE! is a hip hop artist that can not be boxed. Hailing out of the San Francisco Bay Area, this Fremont native is a true modern-day storyteller. Unafraid to occupy his mark in the industry, bE! finds inspiration by making music true-to-life expression, that connect people through personal experience. Many of whom have felt this, live, as he's been moving crowds, performing around the greater Bay Area and West Coast. A true expressionist and metaphorical mastermind, listeners can sense bE! is moved by eclectic musical influences and stays connected with underground artists from coast to coast. Many of the compositions he lays vocals to are original, live-instrument compositions. He's also spent some time performing and working with some amazing live bands. Forever in tune with the pulse of reality, bE! "raps his heart out" with introspection and imagery. When asked why and how he can do what he does, his reply is as telling as the artist himself. “Music is an extension of life. I’m simply affecting the world by making art that is true to self.” Recently coming off of a Northwest Tour and a new project release, listeners will not be disappointed lending their ear to bE’s pulsating tenor, consciously hitting the mark with each verse, more eloquently composed than the one before. A poet, writer, and thinker, bE!’s content is sure to elevate thought, though that is not his goal. His pen will stop at nothing to express the rare breed of hip hop too often ignored. It just simply is. He is simply bE!
Kri$$y Blanko
KRI$$Y BLANKO is a rapper, singer and songwriter. Born as Kristen Washington on June 9, 1989 in Oakland, California is where Blanko began her love for music. Blanko started singing at the young age of three years old and by the age of five, was featured on the record “It Don’t Stop” by Bay Area rap legends The Conscious Daughters. She continued her passion for music by playing the clarinet and flute in elementary school as well as singing in local talent shows, the church choir, at weddings and even funerals. It wasn’t until high school when she discovered her gift of rapping by penning lyrics that people seemed to be very receptive to. Since then, KRI$$Y has cultivated a sound of her own and proven that she can hold it down for the ladies in a male dominated industry. Her skills have landed her appearances on the popular cypher series, MTV’s Rapfix, The Source Magazine, The WakeUp Show with Sway & King Tech among other blogs and radio stations. KRI$$Y’s debut mixtape titled “Trappin’ & Fashion” was released in 2012 and her latest project “Stiletto Stoner” was released in 2013. Her third project is set to be released summer 2014 so expect more from KRI$$Y BLANKO very soon.
Hailing from some of San Francisco's roughest parts, 26 year-old emcee/producer , Merk, strikes a cord with audible tenacity. Born in the city's Fillmore district and raised between Sunnydale district's Geneva Towers and Alemany Public Housing Projects, he was exposed to a life of grim realities. Brought up in a single-parent Christian home in an area where local friends and cronies looked up to drug dealers, pimps and thugs, he served as an anomaly. Always known for overstepping boundaries and shattering the status quo, being the only African American skating in his neighborhood. Merk has always been something brand new and different. His love for the craft began as early as a few months old. The year was 1986. Addidas Superstars with fat laces were in. Cazal shades were worn by the local high rollers. The cute girls wore leg warmers. Merk's aunt, his mother's youngest sister, kept him listening to the tunes of Kool Moe Dee and Eric B & Rakim. Some of his fondest memories are Saturday mornings with his lead-singer uncle's microphone and the "Follow The Leader" video on the latest video show. By the time he reached 5th grade, he was already considered the best sketch artist in his class though he'd always have an appreciation for the language arts. Reading books from poets such as Langston Hughes, Edgar Allan Poe, Maya Angelou and William Shakespeare, he'd learn to express himself in the form of poetry. With this newfound release and the faith of his best friends, he decided to consider making music. After inheriting a Yamaha DX-7 keyboard from his entertainer uncle's untimely death due to the rise of HIV/AIDS, he's since experimented with music theory based on his slim understanding of 5th chords. After much tinkering and rigging, he finally turned to the production aspect of music. In High School, he was selected for The Rosevelt Winchester Scholarship, named after his late uncle. Though very interested in music, he left the school unannounced. Later that year, he met a youth advocate by the name of Jeff Feinman who first introduced him to the recording studio. Ever since, he was hooked. Meeting idols such as M-1 and Sticman of Dead Prez fame, Latif The Truth Speaker and Gift Of Gab of Blackalicious , DJ SAKE ONE and other underground hip hop legends. Always a fan of the more sample driven hip hop of the 90's , Merk has taken notes from the likes of DJ Premier, Pete Rock, J Dilla, and 9th Wonder, just to name a few. Allso noting their lyrical counter parts, his rhyme schemes are that of Nas, Big L, Jay Z, Elzhi of Slum Village fame and Eminem counter-part Royce Da 5'9''. Considering his upbringing and social awareness, Merk is always touching on sensitive subjects such as religion, gentrification, homelessness and all-around street life from an intrinsic yet educated standpoint. Add the unique quirkiness of Odd Future and the dissociative identity disorder of Kool Keith and Merk is the epitome of a complete, quintessential emcee of tomorrow.
Kaly Jay is a San Francisco MC and visual artist. Born in Oakland, California and raised in San Francisco’s historical Fillmore District. Most recently, on October 3, 2014 he released his EP, “MANZANAS”; the first installment in his “BRAINWASH mONDAY” trilogy. While displaying his lyrical talent although his musical focus centers on Hip Hop, his musical influences include artists such as Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, George Clinton (Parliament, Funkadelic), Sly and the Family Stone, S.O.S. Band, Electric Light Orchestra, Rage Against The Machine, Ozzy Osbourne, and many more. Growing up in the Fillmore’s historic Jazz district (also home of the SF Reggae and Jazz Festivals), just two blocks away from the famous Fillmore Theater, gave Kaly access to a rich diversity of musical genres. However, Gospel, Oldies, Reggae, and Hip Hop were the dominant influences in his home. He recalls his mother playing Donnie McClurkin, Angela Winbush, Steel Pulse, and Grandmaster Melly Mel. Having taken an interest in poetry at a young age, Kaly was naturally attracted to the use of poetic devices in Hip Hop. At the age of 12 years old, Black Star (Talib Kweli and Mos Def aka Yasiin Bey) were his greatest influences poetically and lyrically. At the same time, he names Bone Thugs N Harmony as his greatest influence in terms of flow patterns and technicality. At the age of 14, as a high school freshman, he started the Hip Hop trio, 4real, with his peers Frak and Sean Hurd. The group disbanded after 2 years. Since graduating high school, Kaly Jay has been pursuing a solo career while collaborating with other local artists on various projects. On July 26th, 2014, Kaly Jay collaborated with fellow San Francisco artist, Marcus Orelias, in the production of “Marucs Orelias Live” at Buriel Clay Theater in the Fillmore. In addition to performing at local open mics, he has also been a featured performer in the WORD events created by Chief REM in collaboration with Artillery Art Gallery on 24th and Mission in San Francisco. He was the first runner up in the 2014 Bay Area MC Olympics, a competition produced by the Youth Speaks organization. He was also a featured performer in Jamie DeWolf’s “Tourettes Without Regrets”, one of the west coast’s largest variety shows named “Best of the Bay” by the SF Guardian. As a visual and musical artist, he tends to focus on, but is not limited to, social justice/social awareness and uplifting the underserved communities. He hopes to travel the world with his music in order to spread the essential ideals of Hip Hop music: peace, love, unity, and having fun.
Red Corvette
Red Corvette is a local DJ from San Francisco, CA. She always had a passion for music and fashion. With family influences and an infatuation of studying DJs, Red Corvette took to thee craft perfecting her blending and mixing skills destined to tour thee world as a DJ/Producer. She has provided music for clients such as NIKE, Parliament (event venue), Hayari SF, and other private events. Although her favorite genre's to spin are classic and contemporary R&B, soul, and funk she has an amazing catalogue to design musical sound for any event. Red Corvette is just a dope chic sprinkling her steez around, captivating her audiences with her talent and musical direction.
Venue Information:
Neck Of The Woods - SF
406 Clement Street
San Francisco, CA, 94118