Neck of the Woods, a popular music venue in San Francisco, has a rich and storied history that dates back to the 1973. Originally known as the Last Day Saloon, the venue was a popular destination for music lovers, hosting a wide range of bands and musicians from all genres.

In 2011, the Last Day Saloon closed its doors, but the building was soon resurrected as the Rockit Room, a live music venue that continued to attract local and touring acts. Under the ownership of new management, the Rockit Room underwent extensive renovations.

In 2013, the venue changed its name once again to Neck of the Woods, but its commitment to live music remained the same. The venue became a popular destination for music lovers, hosting a range of concerts and events throughout the year.

Today, Neck of the Woods continues to be a beloved fixture of the San Francisco music scene, providing a platform for emerging artists and established musicians alike. With its rich history and dedication to independent music, Neck of the Woods is sure to remain a staple of the San Francisco music scene for years to come.