BAR CON: After Dark 1st Fridays @ Neck of the Woods SF
with Isiliel, G├╝rschach, Erinin
Fri, Jun 7 8:30 pm (Doors: 8:30 pm )
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Isiliel is a solo dance/vocal project by Himari Tsukishiro (NECRONOMIDOL).

Mixing genres as diverse as folk, blackgaze and city pop via a worldwide team of veteran songwriters such as King Dude and NARASAKI of COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS, through Isiliel Himari will express hitherto unexplored depths of pathos and beauty on stage.

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Gürschach (pronounced Ger-shock) is a four-piece Experimental Metal band from the San Francisco Bay Area, whose main vision is to create an unfamiliar, yet captivating listening experience for their audience.


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Eririn is a Los Angeles based, Japanese-American vocalist that regularly performs at live music events and conventions. She specializes in singing both Japanese and English lyrics, and her original music is influenced by genres like R&B/Dance/Hyperpop/anisong.