Ranger/ Nightbrain/ Tommy Economy
with Ranger, Nightbrain, Tommy Economy
Fri, Jun 14 8:00 pm (Doors: 7:30 pm )
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Four working class lads from Reno who actually love each other. Making loud noises and visuals because a little sincerity feels so good.

They draw heavily from their neon-mountain sin-city. A wacky gem intertwined with debauchery and bizarre transience. One look around and there’s enough to inspire an entire creative circus.

Musically barreling forward by way of Dream Pop/Indie Rock, Ranger wraps you in power ballad hooks, group harmonies and confessional lyrics. They continue splintering genres, finding tiny contours of new feeling.

Most importantly, they’re trying to change the world they came from: a hyper religious one.

Brothers Cody Rea (singer/producer) and Greggy Rea (singer/bassist) were raised in the pews as pastor’s kids. Aris Andrews (singer/guitarist) was raised strict Seventh-Day Adventist.

…full blown tongue speaking, pew sleeping, mission tripping sons of preachers…

Now all fully removed from church, they’re left with the absence of that formative belief machine, and still the tick to feed huge spirits.

In building their own bridge to somewhere that hopefully embraces fallibility and darkness, they want people to come with them. rngr 4evr xxooo ♥️

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Up all night, see the start of day. Hear with eyes, look with ears: a haunt, a song - this is nightbrain.
From Nightbrain flows a blend of moody groove, clubby funk, and soulful chill-hop.

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Tommy Economy

Storybook rock.

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