Katsy Pline/ Sophia Eliana/ Pascale Cheron/ Tom Conneely & Birds of Paradise/ Silver & The Lining
with Katsy Pline, Sophia Eliana, Pascale Cheron, Tom Conneely & Birds of Paradise, Silver & the Lining
Tue, May 28 8:00 pm (Doors: 7:30 pm )
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Katsy Pline

Katsy Pline is a singer and guitarist living in Berkeley, CA. Drawing from the melancholic yearning of early country and folk, Katsy’s heartbreak ballads spin tales of apocalypse, beauty and loss amidst the ruin of the present. Her five piece band re-imagines the lush orchestration of the Nashville sound with otherworldly synthesizers, glitched-out B-bender guitars and yodeling harmonies that gesture towards new territories for cosmic American music.

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Sophia Eliana

Sophia Eliana (she/her) is a Denver-based folk musician, florist, and dancer from Monterey, California. She began her undergraduate studies as a voice principal at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain. Among sheep and root vegetables, she concluded her undergraduate studies farming at College of the Atlantic on Mount Desert Island, Maine. Sophia Eliana has performed at venues ranging from Mengi (Reykjavik, Iceland), to The 1932 Criterion Theatre (Bar Harbor, ME) to The Artist bar Valencia (Valencia, Spain) to Lost Lake Lounge (Denver, CO). She fosters the craft of storytelling through songs that resemble overgrown meadows blossoming with wildflowers and artwork reminiscent of a warm hug from a loved one. 

Sophia Eliana’s debut album, “Pears & Honey,” is a breath of fresh air for all lovers of witty folk songs. This heartfelt collection of songs touches upon themes of queer identity, sibling nostalgia, Maine’s farming communities, and fleeting collisions with other beings’ paths. “Pears & Honey” kicks off with field recordings of spring peepers and Acadia National Park brooks, setting the tone for the ensuing track list — a set of songs dripping with saccharine vocals and lyrics that leave you feeling like you just indulged in a sweet spoonful of honey. 


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Pascale Cheron

Pascale Cheron is a singer-songwriter and producer based in Berkeley, CA. Her music draws on legacies of jazz, folk, and experimental music. It has been described as hauntingly ethereal with an improvisatory approach to melody.

      Pascale has been organizing and performing shows around the Bay Area since moving there to study music and environmental studies at UC Berkeley. She has played at venues such as the Cali Fest, the Starry Plough, Ted-X Berkeley, as well as smaller DIY shows in San Francisco. She was recently featured as an artist in San Francisco's Counter Photo Collective's "A Work In Progress Show" alongside poet Lora Mathis. She has been heavily influenced by her studies with jazz musicians Myra Melford and Ben Goldberg and her internship at Wyldwood Recording Studios with Mike Walti. Pascale plans to continue to perform, collaborate, and share her music with a broader audience after graduating college in the spring.


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Tom Conneely & Birds of Paradise

Tom Conneely & Birds of Paradise are country-tinged rock project from San Francisco, California. After releasing “Cappuccino Springs” in 2022, TC&BOP reoriented their sound around interlocking harmonies, tape saturated guitars and Casio beats that accentuated the heartfelt songwriting of “Sun Child,” released in September of 2023. “Sun Child” cut to the core of loneliness, love and the camaraderie of picking yourself and your friends up from the bottom while sticking to the stark limitations of four-track tape. Their next “New Kind Palace” is set for release in the spring of 2024.

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Silver & the Lining

We are Silver & The Lining! Led by the immaculate voice of Alana Silver (written by one of us here in The Lining, not Alana herself). We're a humble 5-piece from San Francisco who formed last year. Together we have a shared love of old folk and rock like Janis Joplin or Queen, as well as newer artists like Hozier or Lake Street Dive. We're thrilled to get to play for you all and we hope you love our music as much as we do. <3


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